Album “Fragments”



Homage to Poulenc


-“It is a great album to gain perspective on new directions of clarinet playing.” (Clarinet Journal)

- “A marvelous CD, Bravissimo Luca!” (Gianluigi Trovesi, international clarinettist)

- “…important for any students or player interested in exploring modern and accessible techniques and styles. Luciano’s range of dynamics and colours certainly explores the complete range of the instrument” (Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine)

- “The New Voice of the Clarinet” (front page on De Kalrinet)

- “A superb clarinettist and a superb composer” (WJFF Radio in New York has dedicated a whole two-hour-show to Luca’s music with a live interview, click here to listen to it)

- Click here to watch Luca’s interview on SKY Brazil presenting music form his albums or watch a full interview at Cambridge.

Ascolta un programma radiofonico completamente dedicato al Luca e la sua musica!


We are pleased to introduce “Fragments”, Luca’s latest album. Published by one of Europe’s most appreciated and fast growing independent labels, NovAntiqua Records, “Fragments: chamber music for clarinet” features a comprehensive compilation of Luciano’s works published on his previous three releases as part of his academic research portfolio. Officially launched at a special event held this spring at one of London’s most established halls, St James Piccadilly, the album is available through the NovAntiqua label and on all the major online outlets, physical and digital (including iTunes), and also distributed in Germany (by Note-1), Italy (Egea Music) and France (Socadisc).

The chamber music compositions for clarinet solo or clarinet ensemble included in this album are part of a broad selection of pieces published over the past years that the author himself has premiered at some of the most prestigious venues of the UK and overseas including St Martin in the Fields in London, Cambridge University and the European Clarinet Festival in Belgium. The music is informed by an on-going research on extended techniques, unconventional sound production, sound effects (and their application on composed or improvised music) and new music for solo clarinet that started when holding a position of clarinet professor in the UK and continued over the years with presentations at renowned universities and colleges in Europe and the Americas. Luca’s will to explore the full range of sound resources and colours that the clarinet has to offer is clearly evident on his Fragments (using multiple sounds, the voice into the instrument, quartertones or micro-tones, flutter tonguing or growling, glissando, etc); the Fantasia (exploring the possibilities of the lower or upper joints of the instrument when played separately); the two contemporary studies also part of his “Introductory Method to Extended Techniques”; tracks for clarinet and pre-recorded instruments, in particular Mosquito (featuring slap-tonguing technique over a pre-recorded clarinet played without the mouthpiece). Besides improvised variations and cadenzas, the album does include tracks showcasing the melodic and lyrical possibilities of the instrument, as on the two homage pieces, as well as “groovy rhythms” on his Divertimenti.


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