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Besides appearances on the font page of music magazines, Luca has been interviewed on TV, on radio and for the press in many occasions in the USA, Netherlands, Italy, France, UK and Brazil including live performances for BBC Radio 3. His compositions and publications receive praises by critics and academics in three continents and his music is regularly broadcast in programs of classical music, jazz or contemporary music. Some comments on his work:


- “Luciano’s technique is superb, with a thoroughly advanced command of all the techniques required”

Clarinet Journal (by the International Clarinet Association, 2019)

- “Luciano’s constantly beautiful tone was heard to its best advantage…excellent phrasing and a compelling range of lyrical dynamics, being both virtuosic where called for and unfailingly musical throughout”

Musical Opinion (UK’s oldest music magazine, Jan/Feb 2013)

- “Luciano’s range of dynamics and colours certainly explores the complete range of the instrument”

Clarinet & Saxhophone Magazine (Spring 2017)

- “A superb clarinettist and a superb composer” (WJFF Radio in New York has dedicated a whole two-hour-show to Luca’s music with a live interview, click here to listen to it)
- “Interesting music and fantastic playing, beautifully recorded”

All Classical FM (USA, July 2012)

- “They have made genuine impressions on the London improvisational scene and this album shows their technical assurance, creative ability and natural versatility.”

Jazz Journal International, March 2006

- “The new voice of the Clarinet”

De Klarinet (Netherlands/Belgium, Nov/Dec 2012)

- “Romantic, soulful and technically superb. They have produced a work of true musical art.”

Barry O’Sullivan (CRN Australia nationwide 2006)

- “Neapolis was a thrilling exploration of the relationship between composed and improvised music and highlighted Luciano’s facility in drawing together diverse musical idioms quite seamlessly”!”

All About Jazz, May 2011

- “Luciano is one of Europe’s leading exponents of jazz clarinet”

Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6)

- “…it bridges the gap between the idea of the Belcanto and jazz creating a warm atmosphere”

Rohrblatt Magazine (Germany, 2012)

- “Remarkable the Fragment # 4 and #5. Bravo!”

Gianluigi Trovesi (international clarinettist, January 2011)

- “A 360–degrees compositional approach that embraces the music production form Gershwin to Ligeti as much as the popular tradition form Southern Italy to klezmer music”

Musica Jazz (leading Italian jazz magazine, February 2013)


CLICCA qui’ per la versione in italiano


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