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“Master Class on the Contemporary Clarinet”



Luca has a fulfilling practice as a clinician and an educator and this Master Class is part of his “Clarinet Solo Project”, informed by an on-going research on extended techniques, unconventional sound production, sound effects (and their application on composed and improvised music) and new music for solo clarinet. Luca is among a few musicians at HE Level who specialises in both classical and jazz music and he has been invited by universities and colleges in the UK and overseas (Cambridge University, Birmingham University, Newcastle University and Glasgow University in the UK, Sao Paulo University, University of Santos and the Faculty of Santa Marcelina in Brazil, Royal Conservatory Belgium) to present his work and share his experience as a contemporary musician who champions and often premieres new works for clarinet. His experience as a performer and an educator has given him the chance to design a masterclass for both classical and non-classical (jazz, world music, etc.) clarinet-players and musicians/composers with an interest in the potential of the instrument, with the will to enhance their technique/knowledge and therefore gain the necessary skills to play/compose contemporary music for clarinet.


The event (held in English, Portuguese or Italian) starts with the performance of music for solo clarinet to demonstrate the potential of the instrument and it will go on facing different topics as follow:

- Performance of “Sequenza #1″ for Clarinet Solo (from the album “Partenope”) and/or short pieces and original material from the CD “Poeta”;

- Excerpts from compositions for Clarinet Solo (including unpublished material sent to Luca by living composers and extended excerpts from “Sequenza IXa” by Luciano Berio) where some of these techniques are applied;

- Demonstration of the main techniques such as: multi-phonics, growl and flutter tongue, quarter tones and microtones, “timbral trills” or quartertone/microtone trills, glissando and portamento, slap tonguing, voice in the instrument (with and without mouthpiece), with objects as resonators or without pieces of the instrument

- Tone alteration and manipulation;

- Examples of tone alteration/manipulation within different styles of music (classical, hot-jazz/swing, be-bop, postbop/free jazz, tarantella/folk/kletzmer/world music, etc)

- The possibilities of the clarinet within a wide range of music genre, from jazz or classical to experimental and avant-garde exploiting the acoustic characteristics, dynamic range and extension of the instrument

- Handouts and Reference Material.

- (Extra) Demonstration of the potential of the instrument endorsed by Luciano (with extra keys and rings) with some more audio examples.

Students are encouraged to bring their own instrument and try out the material under Luca’s supervision