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Previous Events


Find below some highlights from previous seasons


- Cambridge University, World Premiere of Luca’ “Homage to Puccini”
- in FRANCE: World Premiere of Greg Bartholomew’s ”Sunlight on Quacking Aspen” at the American Cathedral in Paris
- Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge, UK Premiere of Luca’s ”Homage to Poulenc”
- South Bank Centre
- in ITALY: CD Launch in Naples; Clarinet Master Class in Florence
- Brunel University
- Oxford, UK
- Royal Albert Hall
- King’s Lynn Minster
- Reading University
- Chelmsford Theatres, Clarinet Master Class
- Harwich Festival


- National Portrait Gallery of London, World Premiere of Luca’s “Study on Quarter-tones” and “Study on Microtonal Trills & Tremolos”
- in the USA: MusicaNova Orchestra/Duo Lucatelle Bartoloni, World Premiere of Luca’s “Two Miniatures”
- in BELGIUM: 2015 European Clarinet Festival; Royal Conservatory of Ghent; World Premiere of Luca’s “Homage to Poulenc”
- in BRAZIL: Museu da Casa Brasileira Brazilian Premiere of the “Two Miniatures”, Centro Cultural Sao Paulo
- Sheffield Cathedral (UK)
- Chelmsford Cathedral (UK)
- Brunel University London


- St Martin in the Fields (London), World Premiere of Luca’s “Fragment #6″ and European Premiere of Greg Bartholomew’s “Rollick & Romp”
- University of Hull (UK), concert and master-class
- Loughborough University (UK)
- University of Reading (UK)
- in BRAZIL: World Premiere of Luca’s “Variations on Rasga o Meu Coracao”, SKY TV, Pontifical Catholic University, Fundacao Emma Gordno Klabin, master-classes and concerts with orchestra for the “Projeto Giri”, CPFL Cultura
- St Edmundsbury Cathedral (UK)
- Portsmouth Festivities (UK)
- St James’s Piccadilly (London)
- Sheffield Cathedral (UK)


- St Martin in the Fields (London), World Premiere of Luca Luciano’s “Fragment #5″
- Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham University
- Cambridge University, European Premiere of Luca’s “DesafiNapoli”
- St Peter Eaton Square (London), European Premiere of Luca’s “Divertimento #5″ for the Canning House
- in BRAZIL: Centro Cultural Sao Paolo, Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Sonata at the SESC Pinheiros, Fundacao Cultural Ema Gordon Klabin, Pontifical Catholic University Sao Paulo, concerts and masterclasses at the Festival de Musica do Projeto Guri
- in FRANCE: Association Bresilienne de Concerts, Maison de MAI
- Teignmouth Jazz Festival, UK
- Leighton Buzzard Music Club, UK
- Peterborough Cathedral (UK)


- St Martin in the Fields (London), UK Premiere of Kowalczyk’s “Air de Decembre” part of their “New Music Series”
- in BRAZIL: World Premiere of Luca’s “DesafiNapoli”; University of Santos, Fundacao das Artes, Pinacoteca de Santos
- St James’s Piccadilly (London)
- Halifax Festival (UK)
- Chelmsford Cathedral (UK)
- St Edmundsbury Cathedral (UK)
- National Theatre London
- WJFF Radio, New York (USA)


- St Martin in the Fields (London), World Premiere of Luca’s “Fragment #4″ part of their “New Music Series”
- University of Cambridge (UK)
- Glasgow University, Concert Hall (Scotland)
- in BRAZIL: World Premiere of Luca’s “Divertimento #5″, Faculty Santa Marcelina, University of Sao Paulo, Conservatoire Villa-Lobos
- St James’s Piccadilly (London)
- Foundling Museum (London)
- National Theatre (London)
- Sheffield Cathedral (UK)


- St Martin in the Fields (London), World Premiere of Luca’s “Rondo’ Contemporaneo” part of their “New Music Series”
- Fishguard International Music Festival (Wales)
- Edinburgh Festival (Scotland)
- University of Reading (UK)
- Chichester Cathedral
- Bristol Cathedral (UK)
- in BRAZIL: SESC Instrumental Paulista, University of Sao Paulo, Facultade Santa Marcelina, SESC Carmo, Capela da PUC
- Teignmouth Jazz Festival, concert and jazz workshop (UK)
- Lauderdale House (London)