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Original Projects

“Luca Luciano in Concert”


Besides his very successful “Clarinet Recital” (with piano) performing classical music by Schumann, Brahms and Claude Debussy, Luca presents his original project of music that embraces 20th and 21st century music. Along with his Sonatas for clarinet and basso continuo, the programme also features music by Wagner or Rachmaninoff, re-arrangements of music by Piazzolla and of Broadway classics by Frank Churchill, Kurt Weill, George Gershwin, or homage pieces to Giacomo Puccini, Antonio Vivaldi, Stravinsky and Debussy. The performance presents new and challenging music, published on the critically acclaimed album “Neapolis”, written/arranged by Luciano, that is unique and varied, notated or “composed in real time”, that embraces romantic atmospheres and contemporary idioms, experimentation and heartfelt melodies.
Though Luca’s exceptional virtuoso skills are clearly evident, the music has always a distinctive melodic sense influenced by the Western European tradition and his Neapolitan heritage. Due to its variety and melodic taste, the repertoire has proven to be appreciated by a wide range of music lovers who are also after something different and stimulating.

“Clarinet Solo Project”


“…this was a most successful programme, much enjoyed by the capacity audience” (Musical Opinion, UK’s oldest classical music magazine)

This project is informed by Luca’s research on extended techniques and new music for solo clarinet that he regularly premieres in the UK (St Martin in the Field’s, Cambridge University, etc) and overseas. The heart of the performance is made of his two “Sequenze” along with Olivier Messiaen’s “Abime des Oiseaux” (from the “Quartet for the End of Time”) and other material from his latest CD “Poeta”, such as Luciano Berio’s “Lied”, John Cage’s Sonata, re-arrangements of classics by Gershwin or Villa-Lobos and parodies of famous themes by Giacomo Puccini, Francis Poulenc, Antonio Vivaldi plus the Stravinsky’s “Three Pieces” as an encore. During the performance the clarinet is pushed to the edge using a wide range of styles and expressions on music either notated or “composed in real time”. Luciano tries in this remarkable journey to embrace all styles of music he loves in an imaginative tour around the world from Western European music to Afro-American or folkloric music of Southern Italy, from contemporary classical music with chromatic and angular-shaped lines to heartfelt melodies. The performance also displays the potential of the instrument endorsed by Luciano (with extra keys and rings) that has attracted much interest of critics and clarinet enthusiasts.

“Luca Luciano & Duo Lucatelle-Bartolni”

This project presents Luca Luciano’s chamber music works in different formats: from clarinet solo pieces to duos clarinet and guitar or clarinet and piano, from music for guitar and piano to trio arrangements along with music by Villa Lobos, Luciano Berio and Radames Gnattali. The collaboration started back in 2014 when the Brazilian Duo Lucatelle-Bartoloni commissioned some new pieces, as part of the DMA portfolio of Fabio Bartoloni, then premiered in the USA and recorded on the album “Poeta”. Since then they have performed several concerts in Europe and South America including the world premieres of new pieces specifically written for them.

“Duo Campos-Luciano”

Marking a new collaboration between the musicians and scholars Jose Henrique de Campos and Luca Luciano, this project presents new material for clarinet and guitar along with ad-hoc arrangements of music by Heitor Villa-Lobos, Cesar Guerra Peixe, Tom Jobim, Ernesto Nazareth and pieces for solo instruments by Luciano Berio, Poulenc and De Falla. Thanks to a programme that explores different styles and idioms, uses contemporary techniques, material that is notated or “composed in real-time”, the duo present a cultural interchange between Brazil and Europe that started back in 2013 with concerts and tours around the two continents and recently presented at the National Portrait Gallery, Oxford and Cambridge University.

“Educational Projects”

“Master Class on the Contemporary Clarinet” (also in a format of a 3-days-course titled “The “20th Century Clarinet”)

“Lecture-Recital/Demonstration of the Possibilities of the Clarinet”

“Jazz Clarinet Master Class”

“Jazz Workshops/Courses” for beginner/intermediate or advanced musicians (with or without rhythm section)