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“Poeta (Partenope Productions 2016, Soundset Recordings)

Original compositions for clarinet solo and clarinet ensembles along with music by Luciano Berio and a bonus track with music for guitar and piano.



“Partenope” (Partenope Productions, MCPS 2011)

Contemporary music for solo clarinet informed by Luciano’s research on extended techniques for the contemporary repertoire.



“Clarinet” (Partenope Productions, MCPS 2008-2010)

CD sold-out, available only on downloads (CD Quality). New music for clarinet ensemble along with the Stravinsky’s “Three Piece”. The 2010 digital re-issue features originals along with an arrangement of Naima by Coltrane  

Clarinet Album (CD Info


“Neapolis” (Red Kite Records, UK 2005)

Featuring exclusively original compositions organized in two suites (for clarinet and pianoforte and for clarinet ensemble).



“Passione” (MAP, Italy 2000)

Including original material for different formats of clarinet-led jazz ensembles along with the Poulenc’s Sonata for clarinet and pianoforte.



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