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Album “Poeta”


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Homage to Poulenc


- “…important for any students or player interested in exploring modern and accessible techniques and styles. Luciano’s range of dynamics and colours certainly explores the complete range of the instrument” (Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine)

-“It absolutely deserves a spot on the shelf of any musician with an interest in contemporary clarinet music” (Clarinet Journal)

- “A marvelous CD, Bravissimo Luca!” (Gianluigi Trovesi, international clarinettist)

- “The New Voice of the Clarinet” (front page on De Kalrinet)

- “A superb clarinettist and a superb composer” (WJFF Radio in New York has dedicated a whole two-hour-show to Luca’s music with a live interview, click here to listen to it)

- Click here to watch Luca’s interview on SKY Brazil presenting music form the album “Poeta” or listen to a full radio interview in London.

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We are pleased to introduce “Poeta”, Luca’s latest album. This release is one of the main publications of Partenope Productions, a concept by Luca Luciano that has expanded its interests over the years embracing recordings as long as articles, compositions and arrangements, events’ production and educational material. Realised thanks to the invaluable contribution of sound engineer, DJ and producer Massimo Luciano, the album has been launched at special special event in February organised by Luca’s endorsement D’Addario/Rico at The Vibe in London (one of Europe’s largest brass & woodwinds specialist).
Available here in exclusive for Luca’s fan, the album was officially released in February and is distributed worldwide via Soundset Recordings USA and Equilibrium (divisions of and Tresona Multimedia), via CD-Baby along with all the major online outlets such as Amazon (CDs and downloads), iTunes, CD Universe, Napster. Download the scores here.

Luca has a keen interest in philosophy and considers music, most of all creativeness, an important aspect of his philosophical journey inspired by the ancient history of his home town and the contribution to philosophy, arts and science that his autochthones have given over many centuries. The title of the album is in fact inspired by the etymology of the word “poet” (“poetes” meaning “maker” or “creator” in ancient Greek). The CD presents Luciano’s clarinet works of recent years along with a piece by Luciano Berio and a bonus track featuring a composition of Luca’s for guitar and piano. The album “Poeta” carries onto the artistic path of the past two releases, but it also wants to come back to a more melodic and lyrical approach to music making, more typical of Luciano’s earlier recordings, whilst maintaining his interest in experimentation. The music, recorded in London in February 2015, is informed by an on-going research on extended techniques, sound effects, unconventional sound production (and their application on composed and improvised music) and new music for solo clarinet that started when holding the position of clarinet professor at the Leeds College of Music (UK) and since presented in the UK and overseas on a regular basis via premieres and educational events aimed at showcasing the full potential of the clarinet.

Luca’s will to explore the full range of sound resources and colours of his instrument is more clearly evident on pieces such as: Fragment #6 (premiered at St Martin in the Fields in London for their New Music Series 2014”) using multiple sounds and the voice into the instrument; the Fantasia for Demi-Clarinets, exploring the possibilities of the lower and upper joints of the instrument when played separately; tracks for clarinet trio or for solo with pre-recorded instruments, in particular “Mosquito” featuring slap-tonguing technique over a pre-recorded clarinet played without the mouthpiece; two studies, recently premiered at the National Portrait Gallery in London also part of Luca’s “Introductory Method to Extended Techniques” . The programme also shows the potential of the instrument endorsed by Luciano (a Full Boehm System clarinet) with extra keys and rings and it is completed by homage pieces to Francis Poulenc (whose Sonata has accompanied Luca since early in his career) premiered at the 2015 European Clarinet Festival in Belgium, some adventurous variations on the well-known Stravinsky’s “Three Pieces” (whose original version was included in one of Luca’s previous releases) and a music parody of a famous theme from Puccini’s Tosca.

Luca’s passion for Brazil and South America (where he regularly goes on tour) is evident on Divertimento #11 and on the Two Miniatures for guitar and piano. Luca has found himself increasingly in demand as a composer and arranger in recent years with several commissions of chamber music pieces. The miniatures help delineate more clearly this chamber music release and have been commissioned by the Duo Lucatelle/Bartoloni who has recorded it in Sao Paulo after presenting the premiere in the USA in 2015 in collaboration with the MusicaNova Orchestra.