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Lecture-Recital / Demonstration of the possibilities of the Clarinet



Luca has a fulfilling practice as a clinician and an educator and for the past ten years he has been invited by universities, colleges and conservatoires in Great Britain and overseas on a regular basis (Cambridge University, Glasgow University, Newcastle University and Reading University in the UK, Sao Paulo University, Univeristy of Santos and the Faculty of Santa Marcelina in Brazil, Royal Conservatory Belgium, etc) to present his work and share his experience as a contemporary musician and a champion of new music who regularly premieres new compositions for clarinet. Luciano has also held the only existing position of jazz-clarinet lecturer in the UK for many years being among a few specialists of both classical and jazz music at HE level.

Part of the ”Clarinet Solo Project”, this lecture-recital and demonstration of the potential of the clarinet is informed by an on-going research on extended techniques, unconventional sound production, sound effects (and their application on composed and improvised music) and new music for solo clarinet. The event (held in English, Portuguese or Italian) is aimed at musicians, composers and music enthusiasts of all levels and all walks of life. Besides spreading Luciano’s research and findings, the idea of this event is to inspire young musicians and get them familiarized with contemporary clarinet practice and its potential within the music of today.

The event starts with the performance of music for solo clarinet to demonstrate the potential of the instrument and it will go on facing different topics as follow:

- Performance of Luca’s Sequenza #1 for solo clarinet from the album Partenope or a showcase of music also featured on the album “Poeta” as a demonstration of the possibilities of the clarinet within a wide range of music genres from mainstream classical or jazz to more experimental and avant-garde (e.g. contemporary classical, hot jazz/swing, be-bop, post bop/free jazz, tarantella/folk/kletzmer/world music, etc) exploiting the acoustic characteristics, dynamic range and extension of the instrument

- Brief Lecture Paper, presenting the music and its aesthetics and introducing the research and its findings;

- “Question & Answer” as the most important moment of the event where Luciano can share his experience gained during his tours and working with composers, ensembles or as an educator;

- Handouts and Reference Material.